Isentia’s flagship application for online news monitoring


Mediaportal is the cloud-based platform that delivers your news as it happens across any and all channels, providing live updated analytics, keeping you connected via a constantly updated media database, and allowing you to export branded reports – from anywhere, at anytime, with a single login.



Connect data to measure, understand and visualise your impact. Analyse the whole media landscape and watch the numbers change in real time.


Our Mediaportal engine will continue to source, crunch and serve back what’s relevant to you and your goals, 24/7 and 365 days a year across the whole media landscape.


Mediaportal has been designed with powerful alerts and rich notifications to keep you and your teams informed anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


We have developed several flexible formats that you can use to create and distribute the right report for your audience. Our custom reports allow you to produce flexible, responsive reports that can be themed to reflect your brand’s personality.


Campaign tracking

Crisis management

Identifying influencers

Internal communications

Measuring and analysing success

Media monitoring

Reputation management

Risk management

Straightforward reporting